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Welcome to Africa Peniel Safaris

Africa Peniel Safaris is a tourist consultant firm providing innovative solutions with synergetic collaboration with industry players who are clientele focused. Quality and value driven service is our focus in meeting our clientele needs.

Our market niche is both local and international since this is an industry which has not only potential but also its growth is both attainable and sustainable over a period in time. The beauty of our natural resources and diversity of our enriched cultural values is the pride of our Africa heritage.

We provide professional consultancy in transport, hotels and lodges booking, camping, excursions, game drive, mountain climbing, domestic and international air, conferences organising and any other related need within nature of the industry.

 Promotion of our premium services via E-tourism is our long term goal since we seek to meet our clientele needs at their finger tips because passion to explore the adventurous wonder of nature is open to all in the world. Moreover our Government efforts to add up kitty to promote pride of Africa tourism overseas via agents and international media will bring robust growth which will not only improve our gross domestic product but will also add value to the industry players.

We engage in healthy competition without jeopardising our industry ethics since we all work towards equifinality from our clients’ point of view.

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